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I’m sure some of you are asking yourselves “how are they getting such amazingly hot chicks to get gangbanged and creampied?” It’s a good question, I will do my best to answer it. When I decided to organize the gangbangs one thing I wanted to make sure of was any girl we invited to the station was truly into being the center of the gangbang. Lets take this weeks gangbang creampie girl. I have known her for a few years now and we talk frequently, when I told her about the gangbang station she told me she wanted to visit, this to me was a no brainer. I of course communicated with my fellow cocksmen and posted a poll in the members area to get the members opinion as well. Once I had the go ahead from everyone I set up the gangbang. We took her to our favorite pub so you guys could get to know her a little better before taking her back to fill up her meaty pussy with cum. Since this was one of her biggest fantasies she wanted to have input on how the gangbang would proceed. She told us that once all the cocksmen had made their deposits she wanted to get into the pile driver position and dump the Creampie Martini into her pussy, once the cum was in her pussy she wanted to push it out and into her mouth, another no brainer.

Kacey Jordan Dirty Masseur

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Models / Porn Stars: Kacey Jordan & Jordan Ash
Photo shoot: Take This Dick and Shut Up
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Kacey Jordan is a big time CEO with too much stress, not enough time, and one really big mouth. Her masseur Jordan Ash is just trying to do his job and help her to relax, but she keeps snapping at him and it’s driving him up the wall! To get a little peace and quiet, he pulls out his fat cock, puts it in her big mouth, and fucks her pretty face! Kacey loves big dicks, so she lets him finger, lick, and fuck her tight little pussy until she cums hard. Maybe after he’s blown his load all over her pretty face she’ll finally be able to relax a little!