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Kacey Jordan Dirty Masseur

Porn site: Dirty Masseur
Models / Porn Stars: Kacey Jordan & Jordan Ash
Photo shoot: Take This Dick and Shut Up
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Click here to see more of this scene

Kacey Jordan is a big time CEO with too much stress, not enough time, and one really big mouth. Her masseur Jordan Ash is just trying to do his job and help her to relax, but she keeps snapping at him and it’s driving him up the wall! To get a little peace and quiet, he pulls out his fat cock, puts it in her big mouth, and fucks her pretty face! Kacey loves big dicks, so she lets him finger, lick, and fuck her tight little pussy until she cums hard. Maybe after he’s blown his load all over her pretty face she’ll finally be able to relax a little!

Kacey Jordan ALS Scan

Porn site: ALS Scan
Models / Porn Stars: Kacey Jordan and Austin
Photo shoot: Lesbian Melody
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Kacey JordanKacey JordanKacey Jordan

Kacey Jordan is sitting with Austin in this photoshoot playing some music. We have Kacey take off her dress and get into some different poses, as Austin helps spread her pussy in some of them. Kacey then covers her body in baby oil and has Austin stick a flute in her pussy. Then Kacey gets down on the ground and has Austin pose with her fist in her pussy.